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With 33 years of experience in the cookie, cracker, snack, pet food industry, Mike Ninichuck has a vast array of knowledge and experience to draw upon and is always eager to share.  He believes that building relationships begins with understanding his customer’s / potential customer’s needs.  Mike’s expertise stems from more than years of experience, it is rooted in a passion and love for the industry, which is the reason he enjoys talking process with bakeries.  While many equipment dealers are eager to simply sell equipment, Mike’s primary objective is to assist the customer in properly addressing their actual needs, which does not always end up in a sale.  However, the result is always a customer / potential customer who better understands their equipment needs and how to accomplish the process in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Questions that many bakeries ask:

  1. What are the advantages of a tunnel oven over a rack oven?
  2. How do we make a transition from rack oven process to tunnel oven process?
  3. How much more production can we expect with a tunnel oven?
  4. What are the differences between various mixers and what is the availability and cost?
  5. What bulk ingredient systems are available to meet the needs of a particular process?
  6. Can our tunnel oven be repaired or upgraded?
  7. What equipment would be recommended for a particular change in existing product or new product that bakery is considering?

This is the place for bakeries to find answers to their process questions, so the bakery has the best information on hand when looking to purchase new or used bakery equipment.  Many equipment dealers will sell equipment without considering what it is to be used for.  Often bakeries receive equipment that does not actually meet the process needs. The buyers need to be well-informed of what equipment will best meet their process requirements.

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